Stonerite specialise in the supply and install of their product for new concrete swimming pools and Spa’s. We offer pre-install information and samples on our products, as well as well explained post install maintenance and care guides. Even though Stonerite products are low maintenance, all efforts are made in helping the client understand all procedures, ensuring not only the project runs smoothly from start to finish, but that the finish remains amazing for many enjoyable seasons ahead.

Stonerite also have extensive experience in pool renovations and resurfacing. Our experienced personnel have renovated and resurfaced over 1100 pools over the past 3 decades. Everything from coping & waterline tiling, paint and fibreglass removal, pool filtration and lighting to pool interior re-lining. We also source and supply tiles at competitive rates.

Our services are offered to all NSW residents. We work with many pool, home and owner builders. Most new pool interior prices are available without inspection, with the exception of larger or more difficult pools.


With a vivid range of colours, Stonerite offers pool owners the chance to enjoy magnificent water textures and effects. Our range of finishes are amongst the smoothest and most durable on the market, with no costs spared during our manufacturing process.


Stonerite offer all types of renovation services to meet your personal requirements, being that of a full renovation of plumbing, surface, tiling & lighting or just a simple interior upgrade.