Imperial Splash


Zirconia Mist

Black Diamond

A new era of pool surfaces has finally arrived on the Australian swimming pool market. With a vivid range of colours, Stonerite offers pool owners the chance to enjoy magnificent water textures and effects. Our range of finishes are amongst the smoothest and most durable on the market, with no costs spared during our manufacturing process. Understanding and experience with most older finish types have lead Stonerite to develop a product that’s highly stain, chemical and fade resistant.

As a pool owner, we understand in this day and age you expect only the best and most durable finish, but at the same time require a low maintenance product that’s able to enhance the effect of your investment aesthetically. We believe this can only be achieved by working on a supply and install ethic, ensuring all surfaces are completed to the highest standard. Many pool interior suppliers only ‘sell’ their products to pool builders/applicators. Stonerite is exclusively manufactured, sold and installed by our own highly trained and experienced team of applicators under strict site conditions.

From misty ‘Viridian Sky’, our clean, crisp ‘Glacier Blue’ or our deep, vivid ‘Imperial Splash’; there’s a Stonerite surface to meet your specific needs. All our colours have been inspired naturally by the beautiful lakes, seas and oceans of the world. In cases the pool owner may have specific requirements, Stonerite also offer a custom design process, allowing you to alter pebble, glass, cement and oxide specifications.

Stonerite surfaces are available for install on all concrete pool types. We offer a new pool interior service, along with resurfacing existing swimming pool interiors.