When making a decision on your new pool surface, there are certain aspects you must take into consideration. Pool water textures & maintenance are affected by a number of different variants, these can be both natural and artificial.

Natural variants include most things usually out of human control:

  • The weather: Pool colours can vary depending on the conditions your pool is subject to. A pool colour can be varied on the amount of sun it will receive. Indoor, well shaded or fully shaded pools will differ from pools that have full sun
  • Surrounds: If you have heavy foliage surrounding your pool this can slightly throw out lighter colours towards greener/aqua water texture. It also may mean you will have constant leaves falling in, making maintenance and cleaning more necessary.

Artificial variants include most things humans have effect on:

  • Lighting: These days pools have high powered LED lights that are able to change water effects at night.
  • Waterline: Although the majority of the water colour comes from the pool interior itself, how dark or light a waterline tiles is can also have an effect on the final water colour.
  • Paving: Although paving won’t generally change the water colour, its can change the aesthetics of the pool itself. Its best to choose a coping/paver that will blend in with your interior colour and surrounds.
  • Pool size: the depth, width and length of your pool will also affect the final water texture. Shallow areas will slightly differ from areas that are deeper.

Discussing these options prior to install will help ensure complete customer satisfaction for many long seasons to come!

Adriatic Blue

Black Diamond

Caribbean Star

Glacier Blue

Harbour Gold

Imperial Splash

Inri Blue

Midnight Jewel

New Zealand White

Turquoise Mint

Viridian Sky


Zirconia Mist